Poems and Stories

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You can read my flash fiction story, ‘Snowflakes’, at:

Literally Stories 2nd Anniversary – literally stories (literallystories2014.com)

Another flash, ‘The Words’, in Riggwelter:

Riggwelter #3 by Riggwelter – issuu

A short story, ‘Vitoria Xavier’, in Lonesome October Lit:

Vitoria Xavier by Louisa Campbell | Lonesome October Lit (wordpress.com)

The short story, ‘The Cards’:

Short Stories: The Cards by Louisa Campbell (eastoftheweb.com)

The short story, ‘Angels’, here:

FICTION on the WEB short stories: Angels by Louisa Campbell

The autobiographical short story, ‘Transplant’, was published in the printed journal, ‘The Creative Truth’, in 2016.


‘What you do when your child is born of rape’ in #MeToo: A women’s poetry anthology, Ed. Deborah Alma, 2018, Fair Acre Press:

#MeToo: A women’s poetry anthology

‘Boy’ was published in Stand Issue 227, Volume 18 Number 3 September-November 2020

‘Beige’ and ‘Census’ in The North Issue 60 August 2018

‘Nurse Rag Doll’ in These Are the Hands, Poems From the Heart of the NHS, Ed. Deborah Alma and Dr Katie Amiel, 2020, Fair Acre Press:

These Are The Hands – Poems from the Heart of the NHS | Fair Acre Press

‘It’s hard to say ‘I love you’ to a Tory’, in Culture Matters: It’s hard to say ‘I love you’ to a Tory (culturematters.org.uk)

‘My Dog’ in Acumen 87, January 2017, and subsequently in Anti-Heroin Chic:

Poetry by Louisa Campbell – Anti-Heroin Chic (weebly.com)

‘Riggwelter’ in Riggwelter Issue #2:

Riggwelter #2 by Riggwelter – issuu

‘Smoking Break’ in Anti-Heroin Chic (please imagine the brand names are in normal font, as opposed to italics):

Smoking Break by Louisa Campbell – Anti-Heroin Chic (weebly.com)

‘The Sticky’, in Prole Issue 22

‘Sandbags’ in Prole Issue 23

‘Ballum Rancum’ in Prole Issue 25

‘Maybe Ladles’ in Obsessed With Pipework No.78

‘If I Didn’t Have Tinnitus’ in Obsessed With Pipework No. 81

‘Does it Jiggle?’, and ‘Exhibition’, in Obsessed With Pipework No. 86

‘Darling, I Haven’t a Thing to Wear’, in Domestic Cherry 6

‘Cones’ in Under the Radar Issue 22, Autumn 2018, and subsequently in The Emma Press Anthology of Illness, Ed. Amy Mackelden and Dr Dylan Jaggard:

Anthology of Illness – The Emma Press Ltd

‘Emergency Helpline’ in The Interpreter’s House #65

‘Pulteney Weir’ in One hand Clapping:

Louisa Campbell: a poem (1handclapping.online)

‘Beads’ in Atrium:

Beads – Louisa Campbell (atriumpoetry.com)

‘Wibbly Wobbly Up the Lamp Post’ in strange POEtry:

Louisa Campbell | strange POE try (wordpress.com)

‘We Don’t Know What to Do With the Dead Things’ in Algebra of Owls:

We don’t know what to do with the dead things – by Louisa Campbell | Algebra Of Owls

‘Doubloons’ in Picaroon Poetry Issue 9:

Picaroon – Issue #9 – July 2017 (yumpu.com)

And a video of the poem, Dolly, first published in Confluence Magazine:

IMG 5087 – YouTube

Poetry Competition Successes

‘My Dog’ was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize 2017.

‘Does It Jiggle?’ was highly commended in the South Downs Poetry Festival Competition 2018.

‘Cones’ won first prize in the Poetry and Psychoanalysis Competition, run by the British Psychoanalytical Society’s Institute of Psychoanalysis

‘Finding Nico’ won first prize in the Institute of Psychiatrists’ (South East) Poetry Competition 2019.

‘In Between’ was highly recommended in the Hippocrates Initiative Poetry Prizes (Health Professionals’ Prize) 2021.

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